Lets take the Frisbee challenge


Lets take the Frisbee challenge

The Game

SticNfrizB One board 4 Games

 Indoor or outdoor game consisting of a rectangular board and three circular flexible magnetic frisbee. The game is played by throwing three frisbees at the board to hit numbered circles. Scores can be linked together if they are partially covered by the frisbee. If the frizbee completely covers the score that score is doubled except for 15.


The top of the board to be 162cm  from the floor for adults.

For kids the board position between 80 cm and 110 cm from the floor.

Playing Position

Stand 120 cm from the board

Throwing Technique

For adults hold the frisbee between the thumb and two fingers vertical with the magnetic side facing the board, flick the wrist to throw the frisbee with the outstretched arm pointing at the board on completion of the throw.

For kids hold the frisbee in the palm of the hand magnetic side facing the board and throw like a '' high five ''

The '' high five '' throw also works for adults in the sitting position

100 cm from the board

SticNfrizB one board 4 games


Game 1

Stic and Score

Cover or partially cover any score with the frisbee.

4 rounds three throws each.

Linked scores can be added together.

Highest score wins.




Stic 401


The highest possible score  is 120.

This is a double 20 with 20 ,15, and 5 linked with the other two frisbees.

Double score if the red ring is completly covered except for 15.

The game must finish exactly on 401.

Players must call the final score to finish the game.

For example when a player reaches 396 the last score must be 5.

Or 399 it must be 2.

Or 400 it must be 1.

If the first throw is higher than 401 the other two throws must not be taken.

No score is counted as a double to finish the game

Game 3


Three throws each.

One throw for the highest score to decide who starts

When any numbered circle is hit that number is eliminated and cannot be used again.

Linking only for 15 and 20.

Add scores for each round Highest score is the winner.

Game 4

Stic 201

Highest possible score is 55 double 20 + 15

Double scores allowed except for final score.

Same ending as Stic 401 game.

No linking except for 20 and 15.

More about the games

Game 1 

Stic and Score

This game is for kids and begineers . It is to encourage kids to add scores with and write numbers while having fun.

It also helps to develop the throwing technique with the flick of the wrist or the '' high five'' style for kids.

Any number of players can play together or play as a team against another pair.

Linking : Is where a frisbee covers any part of two different scores beyond the red circle ,those two scores are added together.

Double scores : If a frisbee completly covers a score then that score is doubled except for 15

Game 2 

Stic 401

This game can be played from o to 401 or from 401 to 0 to encourage adding and subtracting .

The game requires a little more skill be can be mastered with practice.

Players have to call the last score to finish the game and no number is counted as double to finish. 


The first player will have an advantage in this game. 

Sketch the board on a score sheet and cross off the scores as they are elininated.

The final score will be good target practice.

Stic 201

For the advanced players.

Online challenge possible. 

The highest skill level no linking allowed.

Individual frisbee throwing technique can be developed.